5 reasons to use Glemix

In this section of the site, all the news regarding the platform and the community will be published.

To begin, the Glemix team wants to make known to its users, the points and the foundations on which our site is based, and the reasons why you should use the platform.

1. Security

The first point of this list can only be security; this is fundamental for us and we care very much that the whole community is constantly protected. Payments made through the site, have a 128-bit encryption, this means that the transitions are zero risk and guaranteed for all users. Privacy security is also a strong point of our platform; all users can be sure that their personal data will never be sold and/or sold for marketing purposes and it is absolutely not in Glemix’s policy to include aggressive advertising or bad content within the site.

2. Cheap

For all users Glemix is ​​a source of savings as you can compare the sellers, services offered and their prices by contacting professionals directly for free and without any commission; this will allow you to know in detail the service you are purchasing, in order to maintain an optimal level of satisfaction for the whole community.


Thanks to the comments and reviews system, users can get feedback from other users who have already purchased the service before. For us at Glemix, it is very important to know your opinion on the services received so that the community can help each other, so you can and will judge every single job received feeling free to fully express your thoughts.

In addition to the feedback system, you will be able to view their qualifications, experience in the field and the work already done to be 100% sure that the professional is right for you.


During the purchase of a service you will have to agree with the professional about delivery times; (these are usually already specified in the announcement of the service, but it is always a good idea to further agree in chat, especially if you have a specific request that does not really conform to the original advert of the seller).

If you pay for the service through our platform, and for any reason the seller does not respect the delivery time, you will be immediately reimbursed and you can negatively review the non-delivery or cancellation of the work.


You can receive the services directly at home or in the place you prefer, at any time and day of the week. If the professional has a study or an exercise already started, you can visit him for an interview or clarification on the service before proceeding with the purchase. If you prefer a home consultation, just specify it to the seller and it will be his interest to satisfy your requests.

These are the cornerstones of our platform completely free and without any hidden costs when you buy.

We wish you a serene continuation on our site, hoping that you can find the service tailor made for you.

We remind you that for any doubt or question you can contact the support, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Glemix team.


September 19, 2018