About Us

Our Vision

The Glemix.com team aims to bring together qualified professionals with all users who need a specific service.

Many times, we do not know who to choose when we need a professional who performs his work best, that’s why Glemix.com provides the ability to view works previewed with additional photos and videos, view reviews of other users, make a specific request, and finally receive the service chosen at home, in your office, or in the place where you prefer.

Our history

We are a young start-up, born in 2017, so we want users who use our site (both to find and to offer work) to be 100% satisfied.

We have many changes to implement, and we will always be diligent taking care of users to ensure that the experience with Glemix.com is optimal and clear from all points of view.

Meet the team

If you wish to meet us, or simply know something else about us, about our future implementations, and about future services that will be available soon, just contact us and we will be active for any request; We will also gladly accept advice from the community, with whom we want to have a friendly and sincere relationship, to ensure that Glemix.com is used to the best of all.

The next step…

You just have to subscribe to our site, join the community, and find all the professionals you need in your city or in a specific place.

If you are a professional with valid skills, sign up for the sellers section and start building your reputation and client portfolio with Glemix.com.

Our best wishes

Glemix Team.